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Aces and Faces slot machine is for those fans of the popular games, who are already familiar with poker.

A bright, memorable slot makes it possible to spend your free time not only interestingly, but also with benefit. You will be able to understand the rules of Aces and Faces without any difficulties.

A very interesting and beautifully designed interpretation of poker, Aces and Faces slot machine, offers all comers to fight for the right to have a big win by collecting all possible Aces and cards with faces. The game involves a deck of 50 cards, without two jokers.

At the very beginning of the game, the player must make a bet, after which the distribution of cards begins. After the player has dropped certain cards, it is important for him to fix those of them that can potentially make up a winning combination. The rest of the cards, as a rule, change.

During the game, you can see the special payment table, which shows the combinations and coefficients of payment. Below are the keys for controlling the number of hands and coins participating in the game in the range from 1 to 5. In the video poker Aces and Faces there is an opportunity to play with five sets of cards, each of which can bring profit.

The control panel of game process includes also a key “Hold”, with it help you fix the cards. The game is launched by clicking on the “Deal” button. After that, five cards appear on the main hand located in the central part of the display. After selecting and fixing the necessary cards, you need to press the “Deal” key again. In this case, all cards located and fixed in the main hand are transferred.

Risk round

The winnings can be doubled by correctly guessing the color of the card.

Free game

All players in most of the proven online casinos have the opportunity to play Ace and Faces video poker absolutely for free, without risk with their money. In this game mode, you can not only get a lot of positive emotions, but also carefully study the rules, technical characteristics and the specifics of the game.

In this mode, the game is free for virtual coins. Experience will come in handy when you will play in the Aces and Faces slot machine for real money.

Register, deposit in real currency and receive top winnings.