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Alice in Wonderland slot is considered to be a kind of games of the United Kingdom full of real fascinating adventures with the heroine of Lewis Carroll’s fairy tales and smiling Cheshire cat.

If you have ever been under the impression after the reading of Carroll’s interesting and clever book, then Alice in Wonderland slot machine is very exciting hazard game will give you great emotions and pleasure. It has 5 reels. You will have the opportunity to meet well-known things and heroes from the book as the Cheshire cat, the queen Of hearts, the Hatter and the mouse Monya. The game gives the right chance to choose about 20 active lines. Each player is able to stake up to 500 credits and recently receive all best.

Rules of gambling machine Alice in Wonderland

Players can get their payments only on the most active lines. Moreover, they can choose optimal and convenient strategy for themselves. Professional casino players give an advice to start game process with small rates, raising them gradually, it will allow to study at the same time the correct strategy of interaction with Alice in Wonderland slot and to increase the sum you have on your account.

The amount of money which is possible to win in Alice in Wonderland slot.

The advantages of Alice in Wonderland slot is that there are many combinations, which you can remember very easy. Game cards with the symbol of a jack or a lady have the smallest coefficient. It can increase a rate just up to 100 times. As for a king and an ace, at the expense of them there is an increase in a rate up to 150 times. Here is the set of symbols which gives players a chance to win a victory in various games and to receive a real satisfaction from such a process.

The main symbol in a given situation is the Cheshire cat. You will be able to earn a big sum of money up to 9000 rates in case when there are five such signs on one line. Alice in this casino game has special functions. If she appears on a reel, signs and figures grow and let all cages up fill themselves.

If you wish to try playing Alice in Wonderland slot, then do it! You won’t have any regrets and get much pleasure while calculating your bonuses after numerous scrollings.

Duel with the queen in Alice in Wonderland slot

If you want to play a free of charge game, it is necessary to take part in a game of risk and receive all best. It is possible to make it after any process of a prize, and even in the automatic mode. The player will need to have a battle against the game queen, using cards which lie a shirt up, in order to guess more. Therefore it is possible to double your prize rather qwickly, there are many chances on your party.

Symbols/coefficients in Alice in Wonderland slot

The main picture which is represented at this game slot in the UK, is a portrait of Alice who is the main figure and the symbol, which doesn’t have any analogs in other slots. In whatever situation she dropped out, she quickly begins to grow up and at the same time has sunk down.

If Alice falls out on the first, second or third row, then United Kingdom gambler can winning a prize equal to the general rate to all lines. At emergence of this prize in the field of the fourth row, the size of a prize equals to the double sum from the general rate made to all lines. The smile of the Cheshire cat is a wild symbol which, in its turn, can replace all other signs.

Another images on Alice in Wonderland slot machine can make themselves other combinations and earn generous rewards for it.

Game of risk in Alice in Wonderland slot machine

Besides, each player in the United Kingdom can participate in the course of the game in Alice in Wonderland slot machine as he offers an opportunity to increase the prize size considerably. In this mode beautiful movie and cards appear before the user’s eyes. The card of the queen faces the user. His main task at the moment – the choice of one of remained. If it is possible to cover the Queen’s card, then the sum of your prize can grow twice. Therefore, you will get to a next round.