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Aztec Empire slot is the game that will teach you Indians’ patience and determination.

The era of Indians ended, by left us a lot of legends and secrets. You can try the game in demo mode. This is a great chance to learn the rules, payment table and symbol value, while elaborating your own winning strategy.

With Aztec Empire slot contain a lot of useful information about Indian civilization: their mentality, religion, scientific advances and handcrafts. This way, you will combine pleasant gaming process with useful learning process. This slot will serve as the source of money and precious knowledge for you.

Colorful and bright slot interface appeals to most players. On the background, you can see the famous Aztec pyramid and green forest with high trees. The reels are adorned with traditional symbols. Traditional tribal music makes up for mysterious, thrilling atmosphere. The slot features 5 reels and 21 lines that can be deactivated (the more lines you activate, the higher is your chance to win).


Simple symbols include Dragon head: it can increase your bet by x2 and up to x1000. The multiplier depends on the number of similar pictures. Animals and fruits will increase your bet by 5 times only. If you get at least three pictures of leopard, furious chief, or a sly shaman, your bet will be multiplied by 10. The images should appear from the left side of the reels.

Golden shaman mask is a Wild symbol that can replace any other symbol on the field. Besides, Aztec Empire slot has one interesting feature: the symbols can extend vertically over three images. Therefore, you may get three Wilds instead of one. Calibri bird is the Scatter symbol. Despite being small, the bird can increase your winnings by at least 5 times!

Bonus game

If you get three pyramids, you can activate the bonus game. Here you will need to guess a pyramid with the highest coefficient. You will be offered one of pyramids, but you can choose some other pyramid for three times – its coefficient may appear to be higher or lower. The round can finish as soon as you want, and in the result you get the pyramid that you’ve chosen.

If you get lucky enough to find a diamond pyramid, you will launch the super game. Here you can choose one field among five rows. The field may either be empty, or contain precious treasure. The symbol of treasure will increase your winnings, while a snake will leave you with nothing.

Aztec Empire slot is a game that you will never get bored with, no matter for how long you’ve been playing it. Colorful interface with golden shining together with symbols will show you the diversity of culture.

Together with design, the player will enjoy abundance of bonus options: here you can find both Wild and Scatter symbol, and try risk game. Aztec Empire slot is your chance to get a lot of useful info about Indians and discover their treasures.