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Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine is an improved version of the journey in search of the mystical Book of God Ra.

Going on a dangerous journey through time, to the banks of the deep Nile, be ready to meet with secrets and dangers. In reward for boldness, the mysterious Book will open the way to the untold treasures of the pharaohs.

In comparison with the simple version of the game about the Book of Ra, the graphics on the display play more vivid, somewhere, even with luminous colors. The upgraded automatic acquired several updated characters, but five reels remained five, game lines has become 10. The bet per line now ranges from 1 to 500 credits. The total bet is increased to 5000 credits.

The rules for constructing winning chains are detailed in the payout table. Study it in advance to know exactly what surprises the Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine has prepared for you.

The payout table, hidden under the HELP icon. It shows the highest solvency of the adventurer in the hat. He is able to multiply the bet by 5000 times, if five times appears on the display. Although, even two portraits of the treasure seeker will multiply the bet by 10 times.

Bonus round

The mystical book has the ability to replace with its own person any pictures of the Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine and, having appeared in the field of view more than three times, launches free 10 rotations. Before confirming activation of free spin, you should choose a character who will distribute on three reels, win on all lines, thus bringing a grand profit.

Risk round

In addition to such an unusual bonus game, the risk-round is implemented in the gambling machine. In it, any participant can double the last prize several times in a row. The risk round is not an obligatory part of the game.

Train for free

While you do not know the route of excavation and the location of the mysterious Book of God Ra, go to the training. Real heroes always train long before performing a campaign for the artifact.

Control buttons

Sings plus and minus give the opportunity to set the number of lines playing at the moment, as well as a bet on one line.

The Start button turns on the rotation. If you are bored to click on START, enable automatic scrolling. The prizes themselves will be added to the player’s cashbox.

At the end of the training test, they usually switch to real mode. To do this, choose a casino, fill out the registration form and play to Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine.