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Circus HD slot machine is a gambling about a traveling circus with a team of professional actors.

There are aerial acrobats, trained lions, wizards, magicians and a charming clown as a main hero on the virtual arena. Your own circus today, that is absolutely simple!

Circus HD slot machine was produced by the company World Match, which is the well-known video game developer. Be prepare to this show: all twirls, sparkles, the five reels are flashed on, and you feel yourself like in the arena, where the 21 horizontal strip allows you to invite on the stage either some artists or the whole troupe at once. Using the user-friendly menu, you can determine which number of lines is active during play.

The slot appears before the user in a very colorful, lively design. Each successful turn of the drums is accompanied by an amazing animation: the strongmen playing with heavy dumbbells, graceful air gymnasts are doing the pirouette, the lion growls and the clown smiles.

Use the “Lines” button. To vary the total bet per line, press the “Bet Level” button. In the game there are five levels of the bets, each of which corresponds to a certain sum of £0.01 to £2. The total bid you put per spin can reach £50. In order to bet the maximum, use the “Max Bet” function.

To allow you to relax while playing, the manufacturer offers the “Auto game” mode. In this regime, the rollers rotate automatically. On the screen, you’ll also see such useful features as game settings, price table, and game rules.

To get free rotation, you need at least three symbols “Magic Spin” on the reels. This symbol represents a clown with the umbrella. On the bonuses symbol you see the Mime woman. To gain access to the bonus game, you must collect two of these symbols on the same pay-line. Apart from these special symbols, the wild symbol is also available.

Slot machine Circus HD will allow gamblers to feel inside the circus tent, where the arena is covered by world-class artists, putting their whole soul into their performance. This amazing feeling comes due to the magnificent performance of graphics and special effects.

You have a great opportunity to admire the view, get bonuses, learn the functions of the control keys. Control cells allow you to change:

  • Number of active bands;
  • The size of the bet per one line;
  • Include an automatic round;
  • To remove sound;
  • To select the maximum bid;
  • To open the pay-table and rules of the game.

Smart players choose the biggest bet and activate simultaneously all the playing bands, it brings them to the highest winnings.

The Risk game.

After clicking on “Gamble” button, the curtain opens several cards. The selected player card must be higher than the dealer’s card, then your prize is doubled and it can be repeated many times.

Last Features

In the Circus HD slot machine the Clown also appears at the most unexpected moment and brings the greatest prizes. Among other things, he is able to replace the missing actors in the chain. Such characters are called WILD, they are the most desired and solvent on the game screen.

The illusionist in the Circus HD slot also is able to give a big bonus. Monkeys, elephants and lion will also bring surprises to the viewer. Each character must be located in the right place and in the right company. Your favorite artists prepared for you not only fabulous numbers, but also fantastically valuable prizes that have real value!