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The slot machine Crazy Fruits Urartu will present great game to unhurried fans. You should twist this slot for crazy and very generous payments.

Did you expect that the fruits will become alive and will throw out simply extravagant numbers? This slot machine offers to participate in an incredible battle of fruit, the triumphant of which will receive a generous reward. Don’t walk past this magnificent fun on the usual five drums.

Beautiful and ripe fruit will bring you much joy and no doubt will cheer you up. You instantly feel that life is beautiful and unrepeatable.

The designers made the slot quite amusing, which made the game very playable. It is interesting to peek at the tricky fruits. These fruits mischievously look at you from the drum! When several identical fruits make one line, you will feel yourself like the king of a fruit mountain.

You will receive a very generous reward. Your amount of money can be different depends on the bet you made and you can multiplier the payout. Lucky people have many opportunities to get to the combination that brings the greatest prizes.

In the slot machine Crazy Fruits Urartu there are the usual five drums with twenty paylines, the number of which is selected by the player himself.

You can choose the required number of lines by betting between 0.01 and 50 credits. After this you can start the game. It should be noted that in the slot Crazy Fruits game process can occur synchronously on one, five, seven, nine, fifteen and even twenty lines. Of course, with a large number of selected lines, the final bet will increase. But at the same time there will be a chance to win a large cash prize.

The minimum bet or the big game? It all depends on you. In any scenario, you will get a good mood from communicating with ridiculous fruit heroes.

The auto game is the undoubted advantage of this slot machine. You don’t need to tap the same button every time. Please sit more comfortable, don’t think about anything. Enjoy the automatic movement of the drums until you decide to stop them. You will forget all the problems and start a virtual battle. It is easy to succumb to the charm of the fruits. It is really easy forget all difficulties in your life for a while. You will experience great satisfaction if you take a risk and play with slot Crazy Fruits Urartu for real money. If you perform even small bets, you can compete for the main prize.

Looking at the name of the game, it is clear that the main characters here are reckless fruits. They adore relaxing and entertaining. The party consists of a lovely cherry, a militant plum, an impudent lemon, a bubbling watermelon and other funny pictures. After meeting a mysterious fruit in a cap, the participant of the game will become the owner (just imagine) of the largest payout 2500 credits. Numbers and card letters take part in the slot Crazy Fruits here too in addition to the fruit pictures. Payments for these numbers and card letters vary from five to a hundred coins. This is not very much, but in any case, additional money on the game purse will not make you sad.

Bonus Pictures of the slot Crazy Fruits Urartu

There is a special symbol that brings the player larger wins. This symbol is called wild symbol. It is a red tomato. With the help of this sign it is easiest way to assemble a complete combination, since it is able to replace any other symbol. However, keep in mind that a wild tomato is waiting for you only on the second, third and fourth drum.

Also other images will bring you a big amount of money. A fashionable banana in Bermuda plays the role of a scatter symbol. It allows a lucky player to receive a cash prize, despite the location of the banana on the drums. You can get a maximum of a thousand credits for five images of a banana in shorts!

Emblem of the game gives you a key to an additional game. In this game no doubt you can quickly get rich.

Bonus slot game in the gambling machine Crazy Fruits Urartu

You can enjoy an additional small round, as exciting as the main battle game. You have to find the three game emblems. You will see a platform with 24 balls, which must be opened in sequence. You instantly get a bonus when you find the fruit. And if you meet the word Collect, then you get back to the main game. Such a special round is waiting all players in the slot machine Crazy Fruits.

Dive into the magical world! It’s easy to study all the subtleties of the game process. This incredible game world is waiting for you day and night. Relax in a sea of positive emotions!