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Crazy Monkey slot machine is a classic slot, which should be familiar to many experienced bettors.

Follow to the monkey and you will have a chance to grab a fantastic jackpot from the jungle. The slot depicts the adventure of the naughty chimpanzee. The main character collects bananas and climbs the giant trees while players receive portions of adrenaline and positive emotions.

For amateur players, it is strongly recommended to start with the free online mode. Thus, you may quickly get you gambling experience and avoid unnecessary financial losses. Moreover, you may practice the free mode without a registration.

Crazy Monkey slot machine has a conventional design – 5 reels with 9 paylines. Bonus rounds are also available with the maximum bet amount of 225 credits (the minimum is 25 credits).

Before you start your journey to the jungle, use the “Line” and “Bet” buttons. The first one defines the number of active paylines (you may select from 1,3,5,7 or 9 paylines), while another sets the bet value. Then click “Start” to begin. Identical symbols on the paylines brings prizes. If you have any questions, click to the “Help” button to learn more about Crazy Monkey slot machine winning combinations and game rules.

Mysterious Mask (or Golden Skull) is a Wild symbol. It creates new or improves the current winning combinations. The more Masks you receive, the more you win. One Mask may bring you from 100 to 2000 coins.

5 Game Logos (“Crazy Monkey”) will multiply your prize by 5000.

Other winning symbols are:

  • Lions – bring 500 credits;
  • Pineapples – bring 200 credits;
  • Snakes – bring 50 credits;
  • Bananas – bring 20 credits;
  • Butterflies – bring 10 credits.

Once having 3 or more Monkey symbols anywhere in the playfield, get ready to a Bonus Round. It includes two stages.

First stage. You will see five ropes hanging in the jungle. Select one to pull it and try your luck with the fallen prizes. Bananas give bonuses, while such strange items for tropical forest as bricks and anvils hit the monkey’s head and interrupt the Bonus Round.

However, if you set the significant bet amount, then the monkey may wear helmet. This provides a protection from the dangerous objects and allows continuing the gambling adventures.

Second stage follows the rope game. If you managed to collect all bananas, then the Bonus Round continues. This time you will see two boxes stamped with the question mark. Choose one and find out the result: “Loss” means fail, while “Win” multiplies your current winning by 25.

After some practice and learning the game features, start the real gambling. Crazy Monkey Slot Machine offers great winnings and millions of gamblers around the world confirm the matter.

Similar to a plenty of slots, Crazy Monkey slot machine has a Risk Round. Its rules are traditional. You should choose one out of four concealed cards. Your card denomination should be greater than dealer’s. If so, your winning will be doubled. If it is equal, your prize will remain unchanged. Don’t worry, it is possible to refuse the Risk Round before entering it.

Crazy Monkey slot machine is one of the most popular online casino games for the all devices, which was developed by Igrosoft.