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Deuces Wild slot machine is one of the popular games that attracted many gambling fans thanks to interesting rules and a high chance of getting real cash prizes.

It is known that, if there is a joker in any card game, a chance of winning increases, because joker is able to replace any other card. For this reason, it is not surprising that various versions of joker pokers are very popular among poker fans.

Deuces Wild video poker was no exception and this game can be found today in almost all online casinos. By popularity Deuces Wild video poker is compared to classic Jacks or Better. The secret of such incredible demand for this version of a game is connected to the fact that it has four jokers, whose role is assigned to the deuces.

“Wild” deuces can replace any other card and give an opportunity to win a solid cash prize. You can check it out by trying to play Deuces Wild video poker for free. This game is very similar to a regular slot, but most of the combinations are taken from poker. A player is to construct a certain winning set of 5 playing cards.

However, in this game version not every card set wins. For example, there is no reason to be happy with a pair of aces or kings in the first hand. In Deuces Wild video poker 1 card pair practically does not mean anything. Even having 2 pairs of cards there is no guarantee that you will win.

The minimum acceptable winning set is 3 identical cards. In this case, it does not matter, if there is a deuce that performs the role of a joker. In any case, the payment will be calculated from the ratio 1 to 1. If a player wants to get a bigger prize, then he can go on raising the rate. This is done quite easily.

For each drawing you can make from 1 to 5 bets. For 1 rate the payout is the already mentioned ratio 1 to 1, then for 5 rates the prize is calculated from the ratio 5 to 1.

It should be noted that there is no need to speak about any high flexibility of betting limits in Deuces Wild. The rules of the game provide only five options for the size of bets, so it’s difficult to determine the most profitable size yourself. Another distinctive feature of Deuces Wild video poker is the original bonus mode.

Bonus round is a standard game for doubling with customary rules. In the bonus round the usual bet is replaced by winning amount that you got in previous rounds.

The game for doubling is very simple and understandable. A player should correctly guess the card, which by its rank will be higher than already opened one. You can choose from 4 cards, but they are all randomly generated.

Winning sets in Deuces Wild video poker are formed using a deck of 52 cards, and all the deuces, as mentioned before, are able to replace any other playing cards. Winning combinations in this game are considered to be so:

  • 3 (trips) – the lowest paid set of 3 cards of 1 rank;
  • Street – a combination of 5 different consecutive cards;
  • Flush – a combination of any 5 cards of the same suit;
  • Full House – 3 cards of 1 kind plus 2 cards of the other kind;

4 – a set of 4 cards of 1 rank;

  • Straight flushis a rare set of any 5 consecutive cards of 1 suit. And the highest card should have a rank no higher than the king;
  • 5 identical cards of the same rank, 3 of which are replaced by «wild» deuces;
  • Wild Royal Flush – 5 consecutive cards of one suit from 10 to Ace. One of the cards must be replaced by a deuce;
  • 4 deuces – one of the highest paid sets;
  • Royal flush is a rare set of 5 consecutive cards of 1 suit in the rank from 10 to the ace (without deuces). It is the most profitable set.