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Dr. Lovemore slot is a gambling machine that not only makes you feel a skillful lady-killer, but also offers numerous opportunities to make money.

Here you can enslave women’s hearts and get cash prizes. Its beautiful pictures and the graphics are enhanced by a dynamic non-stop gameplay. If you like bright and colorful slot machines, you will certainly appreciate the gaming experience and excitement provided by this slot.

Just like any other slot machine of this kind, Dr. Lovemore is a virtual simulator based on vertical spinning of the reels. Overall, there are 5 lines in the game, which spin in a vertical direction. Each line shows pictures in compliance with the underlying story of Dr. Lovemore’s gallant adventures. In accordance with the concept, the player follows this skillful womanizer’s adventures on the reels and tries to put the whole picture together. And of course, by doing so the gambler has a chance to win an impressive sum of money.

It is worth saying that this virtual slot machine is highly popular among female gamblers. Its specific presentation technique and featured card pictures make women plunge into the story of this charming heart killer.

Those making their first steps in the gambling world are offered an opportunity to practise and hone their skills by benefitting from virtual points credited to the user’s account. This is a really useful feature that helps you get prepared for betting real money.

However, it would be a mistake to suppose that Dr. Lovemore slot is for girls and women only. Actually, male gamblers will be also satisfied with the. That said, this slot is a universal simulator that each and every gamer would appreciate for sure.

Winning Combinations

Traditionally, the winning combinations are formed from left to right. There is a standard number of combinations, so both novices and experienced gamblers will have no problems with them.

First of all, the player has to make a decision regarding these two parameters:

  1. The number of pay lines you will use during the game;
  2. The amount bet, which depends on your bankroll and available finances.

The two mentioned factors are to be considered very carefully as they define how profitable and successful your game will be.

As for the first parameter, you can choose from 1 up to 20 pay lines. Each extra line adds to your chances to win, so do not disregard this option. The second parameter affects the prize you get in case chances are on your side.

When playing, you can follow known strategies or opt to devise your own ones. By practicing a creative approach, a novice gambler can improve their skills considerably. Practice, analytical thinking and the analysis of their own games can pave the way to sustainable profits and favorable experience.

Once the number of pay lines and the amount bet are defined, the player has to research the combinations and winning rates used in this slot.

In compliance with the main idea, Dr. Lovemore uses combinations, which are matched by color and flavor. So the slot’s reels bear the following pictures:

  • Condoms with strawberry, banana, orange, kiwi and cherry flavors;
  • A posy of nice bright roses;
  • A bottle of Champaign;
  • Eau de toilette;
  • Yang and Yin symbols;
  • A mirror reflecting a charming face of the character;
  • Car license plate.

This symbol suite provides an insight into the whole gameplay. By gathering and grouping the pictures, the gambler can receive valuable points to exchange them for real money.

The Dr. Lovemore slot machine offers a really outstanding story dynamics, a unique style and incredible excitement making the experience worth your time.