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Eastern Delight slot machine – the enchanting attraction of this slot in two great things: unique East music and excellent animation.

All machines of this manufacturer represent perfection in the environment of really top slot simulators. This time the developers managed to create something truly incredible and original. After all, the original designers Playson made great work to produce this great product these beautiful slots. This work is at a high level and it has excellent graphics. Don’t overlook this advantage in mind! Make the first spin behind this slot machine and time flies by unnoticed.

Elements of the slot machine Eastern Delight

As soon as the player enters a special field for the game, he meets a colorful oriental old man – the sultan, who isn’t just another static picture. The character is very alive. He is worrying about all the victories and defeats of the player and not only this! Here’s only one funny example with this magic sultan. Try not to start the drum for some time and the merry sultan decides that it’s time to get some sleep. But when you press the start button, the old man immediately, with the speed of the Arabian horse, will go on a new adventure.

In the Eastern Delight slot, there are many specific elements that act as animations. They make the game more interesting and carry the player into delightful play. Instead of traditional buttons of simulators, which are very conservative for a great number of slot machines, here the interface is represented by eastern pillows on which the powerful sultan relaxes. If you have difficulty with understanding the process, you can ask for help by pressing a special button.

The developers have created an interesting drum in the form of tiles. The tile closes the window with a well-executed landscape and a fountain. In the process of the game, when scenery changes, the curious sultan always tries to find out what kind of events are happening outside his window.

What you need to know during playing in the slot machine Eastern Delight.

The playing field is equipped with numerous lines (21). The number of lines is not regulated at all. You can only change the rate. There are a lot of special symbols. You should pay close attention to these symbols. First, it is a question mark that can replace some other elements. Another point to pay attention is the eastern beauty. Catch at once a few beautys! This will start a series of free spins. In addition, there is an ubiquitous gin lamp that can destroy any line. A destructive sign can appear only on the drum under number 5, and also only with a series of free spins.

There is no risk game in the slot. However, it is not needed here, since the slot operates using a special technology. In the case of a successful spin, a good combination disappears, but new ones appear instead. With the help of this unique appeal no doubt you can increase the won and you don’t need to spend money on rotation.

How to play in the slot machine Eastern Delight

In the slot, as in many other machines, there is a wild symbol that can replace other symbols in the direction of a winning combination in a single line. The exception are the Scatter and Crash lines. The amount of numbers can be anything and this amount varies from 4 to 20. It is based on the fact combinations are successful or aren’t. If you choose free rotation, then the bets remain at the same level, as well as on the spin if the scatterers fell out.

Strategy of the game in the slot machine Eastern Delight.

To begin with, experts advise you to play on the demo version in the machine Eastern Delight. Don’t worry you can get no less pleasure and you won’t spend a cent. You don’t have to go through the registration process and make real bets, but it’s important to study the payout table, even when making virtual bets.

If you like the slot machine Eastern Delight, then dive into the oriental atmosphere with all your head! Register and you will be able to win big amount of money and get the maximum pleasure from the process, due to the well formed system of giving out winnings in the slot.