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Gnome slot welcomes professional gamblers ready to build a mutually beneficial partnership on a constant basis. If you live in the United Kingdom, you are lucky to be among the first who will try this new challenge.

Little men are main characters of numerous legends and myths. According to these stories, they are talented in searching and finding places rich in subsoil resources. The Gnome slot offers gamers in UK to take part in a singular virtual adventure that will bring fantastic impressions. Such heroes need a true warrior and a strong leader able to handle the challenges of this exciting game.

In order to make friends with funny dwarves, you have to understand simple rules of playing on the Gnome slot. Its developers made their best to provide each gamer with many opportunities and instruments that can serve every purpose.

Specific features of the Gnome slot

Five reels and nine lines are at gamer’s disposal. You should find combinations of stone, metal and some equipment necessary for digging. For example, in order to find a treasure you will need a helmet, a trolley, dwarves and an anvil. The combination of these items will bring you a gambling gain and much pleasure, of course. However, the main symbol of the game is an online slot logo that brings along the biggest money prize for you.

The developers of the Gnome slot present a free trial game for beginners, so that they could get used to the new gaming machine. If you are eager to leave the United Kingdom and take part in an incredible underground journey with the gnomes and enjoy it to the full, just have a try.

Bonus round

If you get three similar symbols regardless of their location, a bonus round will start immediately. During this game, you can take trolleys and other items with precious metals that will increase the sum of your gain.

Your efforts will be rewarded, but in order to gain this aim you will have to work really hard, as there will be some obstacles in your way. Pipe brakes in the tunnel deliver many troubles. The mixture of water and sand immediately turns into dirt that makes it difficult for the gnomes to take precious stones. These stones offer prospects of a huge gain, but if the trolley will be full of dirt, the bonus game will be over. However, the prudent little men have an umbrella preventing the trolley from the dirt. It appears if the gamble is quite high, but it can help only once a game, so do not waste it.

If you are able to monitor five trolleys a time and remain calm, you are ready for the next step and a new challenge. We are talking about exciting treasure hunting. There will be no dirt at all: you only have to choose and open one of the boxes and then celebrate a well-earned victory.

Characteristics and symbols of the Gnome slot

Each reel contains three symbols that should make a combination to bring a result. The game process is much more interesting thanks to the following features:

  • A wild symbol;
  • A bonus game;
  • A double game.

The most expensive symbol is a dwarf on the stone background. If you get five such symbols in a line, that will increase the probability of winning.

A wild symbol is a smiling face of a gnome. There are some more symbols that play a different role in the game process although they are not so expensive. A trolley becomes a bonus symbol if it comes three times at once, in such a case a bonus game will start.

If you obey all the rules, you will gain wonderful emotions and a great energy boost. The secret of winning is a total control of the process. If you like adventures and fantasy world, this slot machine will captivate you.