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Golden Planet slot machine will give you an opportunity to play a role of a real astronaut, to explore infinite space and open some new planets and new life with great victories.

It’s a quite well-known slot machine, which allows the players to set off to a faraway fascinating journey. It will help the users get new especial feelings and sensations from habitual rotation of a game barrel. Having found new planets, precious deposits of useful fossils as well as discovery of some new unknown races on the vastnesses of space you will also be able to become rich.

On 5 upright rotating barrels, the player will not only get acquainted with cosmic beautiful princess, but will also find a cosmic hero whose aim is to protect from different troubles and will find out some secrets about unexplored space civilizations, as well as green humanoids and high-tech robots.

Step into the narrative of the game and earn quite big amounts of money, discovering new remote corners of space!

Golden Planet slot consists of a barrel with upright rotation, on the fields of which there are different images and designations. A player’s goal is to gather some composed images in sequence starting from the left extreme field, similarly to other classic slots.

For a start, alternately examine every button of control. A button “coin” accounts for the choice of coins in the game. An amount of such bet will change twice starting from mark 0.5 to 2. “Bet one” button is to indicate a bet from 1 to 100 points. But those, who have been gamblers for a long time are suggested to press a button “Bet Max”.

Thus a bet will be raised till maximally possible limit. To indicate a number of lines needed in the game, you can press one of 5 represented buttons with a designation of an amount of selected outcomes. In this way a player will be able to choose lines in the range from 1 to 9. A standard button “Start” which is the first to the right is responsible for rotation of the reels.

All the information and hints about the game are located in the corresponding menu “Info”. If there’s a need to switch off all the sound made by the slot, you can click on the pictograph of the sound in the upper right corner of a screen.

Having found yourself on the fields of cosmic battles of Golden Planet slot machine, your main purpose will be to find the saving lines of shuttles on the game field, which will help you greatly increase your cash earnings.

There are such designations and images represented on the fields of the Golden Planet slot machine as following:

  • Brave cosmic astronaut;
  • Good-looking companion of the astronaut, his helper;
  • Saving shuttle;
  • Green humanoid;
  • High-tech robot;
  • Blue planet with specific aureole;
  • Card symbols from 9 till A.

While gathering some combinations from represented symbols and cards, gambler will be receiving the points of win with different degree of quotients increase. For images of blue planet a player will get a specific amount of free rotations. Thereby having gathered 3 planets you’ll receive 15 rotations with 3 times multiplication of a win, depending on a bet which you set for the game.

Bonus game for doubling in Golden Planet slot machine

Waiting for desirable luck on any of the lines, a player can choose to play an additional bonus game, in which due to one of the two buttons “Gamble” you can choose the color of a card. In case if you win, your bet will be doubled. To collect your profit press a button “Take Win”.

The Golden Planet slot machine consist all the necessary conditions for successful game with high return. Amongst such advantages it’s worth highlighting the following:

  • Interesting appearance of a slot;
  • Standard circuit of supply and game process;
  • Plurality of different formations of whatsoever combinations;
  • Simplicity and easiness in placing a bet and controlling it;
  • Great bonus game for doubling;
  • Free spins with multiplication.

All these advantages and the game with strategy itself will not only help you set off to an unforgettable journey on the vastnesses of cosmic fields, but also to earn some money multiplying your own capital.