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Gryphon’s Gold slot is full of mystical magic and will bring you a lot of sincere winning joy.

Who said that gambling and fantasy are incompatible? On the contrary, they perfectly complement each other. All fans of magic, mystery and fairy tale creatures will definitely appreciate Gryphon’s Gold slot, which was developed by Novomatic.

It has a traditional slot interface – 5 reels and from to 9 paylines. Bet adjustment buttons are located below. You may select the number of active paylines by yourself. It is possible to choose only the odd number – 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. The bet increases by the same number of times respectively.

The minimum bet amount is 1 credit (if you choose 1 payline), while maximum is 900 (9 paylines with 100 credits per one payline). The more you bet, the more you may win. You can reduce the bet and play longer, or set it to the maximum and play at risk.

By the way, a few words regarding credits. You may adjust the bet value with the Coin button – 0.5, 1 or 2 coins. 1 credit equals 1 coin by default, but you are able to change this ratio, whenever you wish (except free spins).

You can begin the game manually by clicking Start. This will give you a single spin. Alternatively, use an Automatic start and you will have only to receive the win. Probably, the main drawback of the automatic mode – it doesn’t have Risk Round mode, which could double your win.

Risk Round

Once having a winning combination, use the Gamble button to start the Risk Round. Then, you will be offered to guess the card. Select red or black and click Gamble. If you guessed, then you prize doubles. Click Start again to get the prize and return to to normal mode.

Winning Combinations and Symbols

As many other slots, Gryphon’s Gold slot has standard and special symbols. Standard symbols bring success in combinations of 2, 3, 4 or 5 symbols in a row within the payline. Press Info button to learn more about winning combinations and payoffs.

Among standard symbols there are classical card denominations — 9, 10, J (Jack), Q (Queen), K (King) and A (Ace). They form the cheapest combinations, ranging from 9 to Ace as in a conventional card deck.

Standard symbols also include Unicorn, Enchantress, Dwarfs, Castle and Magical Mushrooms.

Gryphon’s Gold slot’s Special Symbols

Let’s look to the special symbols. Golden Gryphon is a Wild symbol. It substitutes any other image (however, there is an exception, when it stands in the beginning of the payline). Moreover, it doubles your prize when being within the winning combination.

Here is an example. You bet 1 credit and get a combination of three Aces. It will bring you the initial bet multiplied by 1000. If the first two symbols in the payline are Aces and the third is the Gryphon, then you will get the bet increased in 2000 times. Of course, Gryphon symbol brings you the highest winning combination. The payline of 5 Gryphons makes the dream come true: a prize of 900 000 credits!

Magical Oak symbol is a Scatter. It cannot be substituted by the Gryphon. Three such images (not necessary in a row) give you a special bonus of 15 free spins. Bonus spins are played in the Auto mode.

In case of success, all you winnings will be multiplied by 3! A new combination of three Magical Oaks will restart the free spins counter. Note that changing the credit amount during free spins is not allowed.