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Island slot machine is a story of survival on an uninhabited island, but the reward of a daredevil from the slot will be huge.

Five drums and nine game lines will tell the players about the difficult life of Robinson Crusoe. For each game line you can bet up to 25 credits.

The symbols decorating the icons of the Island slot machine resemble the plot of the famous adventure novel.

On the pictures of the Island slot machine, visitors will see:

  • a character with a beard floating in rags;
  • a ship’s steering wheel;
  • a bottle with a message;
  • an image of an island;
  • a tin can;
  • gulls;

The role of the wild symbol is played by a picture with a dolphin. The island itself is designated as a bonus symbol. Three of his images launch a bonus round, in which you need to safely get out of the ocean. In the sea waves dolphins and sharks swim. In this round, the player must select the fin of the dolphin. A good dolphin will take the player to the saving shore and present the prize. If the swimmer chooses a shark, the round will end.

When a player safely leaves the sea waves, he will end up in a super round. Between the two palms trees there will be hung delicious pieces of meat. To eat, you must choose the best piece of meat. The best piece of meat you will feed Robinson Crusoe and get a big win.

Adventure features

Playing an Island slot machine, casino visitors immerse themselves in the atmosphere of pristine nature. You will get to an island that is not on the map of the world.

To study all the dangers that await you on an uninhabited island, you must include a free regime. The player is given out 5000 virtual credits for training. During the training you will discover the secrets of a distant island.

Firstly, you will understand that the minimum and maximum rates equally often lead to winnings. Therefore, you can spend any amount in real currency, large or small. It is not necessary to go broke to the last thread. You can just relax, drink a glass of exotic fruit juice, in company with the famous traveler – Robinson Crusoe.

The second secret is the ability to double each current win. When the next prize is dropped, the button with the question lights up on the control panel of the slot: take or risk?

If the player chooses to risk, presses this button, he opens a new window. In this window, the player will be asked to guess, which side the coin will drop: the eagle or tails? To make a selection, follow the instructions of the current line on the screen. If you guess correctly, your current prize will double. In case of an error, this prize will be lost, but all the other coins in your box office will be preserved.

You can disagree with the risky game, then the current prize will be added to your cashier. It depends only on your desire, choose a risk game or not.

The third secret of the island is the possibility of an automatic game. Clicking on the button: automatic start, the player releases his hands. Now you can safely drink a cup of coffee, watching as the computer independently finds treasures on the island and adds them to your bank. In this mode, everything happens according to the usual plot, but the game does not stop for a round for doubling.

On the control panel there are buttons for selecting game lines, bet size, game mode, sound activation and others. After a free training, register, make a deposit, switch on the game for real currency and go safely to the page of the Island slot machine.