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JuiceNFruits slot machine is a fruit mix filled with excitement of a top gamble with a big bonuses, jackpots and the risk game.

This slot contains a cool gameplay with tasty fruits, enjoyable music, unforgettable colorful design and a high payout. All these ingredients, especially big and frequent wins, make a perfect cocktail for every adventure lover. The developers have created bright and capturing gaming process. The high-leveled computer graphics makes the game’s success even more obvious.

JuiceNfruits slot machine sends each gatherer to a beautiful garden full of various and tasty fruits. If the winning combinations appear on the playing reels, you will be able to get a significant sum, including jackpot.

The basic set contains five reels having up to 10 winning lines. It is possible to choose the quantity of them with the button “LINE” – 1, 3, 5 or 10. For each line, you need to specify a certain number of credits, from 1 to 500.

The maximum possible bet is 500 credits. You are able to regulate the size of credits with the key “COINS”. The developers have taken care of professional gamblers and added a cool option “MAX BET”. One more indispensable button is “AUTOMATIC START”, which allows the player to relax and just look how money is transferred to their account from time to time.

This game is not only a useful spending of your free time, but also a fast way to becoming a quite rich person.

The first thing you should do is to choose between two possible game modes, which are free and for real money. The free mode is for fun and initial acquaintance to the gamble, whereas the second one implies making real bets. You can control the sum of money in one credit: there may be 0.5, 1, 1.5 or 2 participating banknotes.

The bonus rounds of JuiceNfruits slot machine

The risk game is a well-proven function, which gives to players the unique opportunity to increase the winning sum. It may seem unusual to those who are used to the standard of making the winning twice bigger, because it may multiply money by 4!

To get such a chance you just need to get any winning combination. If you decide to risk, there will appear 4 cards turned their back side to you. The task is to guess its color or suit. In the case of the right guess of both the award will be enormous. Your money will be multiplied by 4, doesn’t it look like a jackpot? According to the statistics, the percentage of wins varies between 96 to 98%. These numbers look very persuasive and mean that you can win a serious sum in relatively few spins.

The meaning of symbols and combinations in JuiceNfruits slot

Three and more identic icons, which begin from the first reel, form the winning set. Each win brings the different amount of credits. The pictures of cherries, lemon, orange or plum give 20, 50 and 200 multipliers. The dark-blue grapes and watermelon are going to please you with 50, 200 and 500 initial bets for each credit.

The most desirable symbol, like in many other slots, is seven – it represents and brings luck. Its factors impress with their size: the minimal equals 1000 and the maximum is 5000!

That means if you had made a bet of 200 credits with the ratio 1:1, you can win 1 000 000. Such jackpots are rare even in the state lotteries.

It is worth noticing that these numbers are counted in credits, so the real winning sum can be twice bigger (if the ratio is 2:1).