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Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe slot machine is a classic woman slot that designed by the Novomatic company.

This gambling is designed for experienced players, but can be appealing to the newcomers as well, given the simplicity of the rules and the gameplay.

The process is really simple: the player has to place his bet measured in credits and then press the Start button, spinning 5 virtual reels. The payout depends on the result, and all possible outcomes are listed in the “Paytable” section.

There are 10 paylines available to the player, which means that not only horizontal lines of symbols count, but also various zigzagged patterns, thus increasing the chance for the player to win.

The main feature of the game is, of course, the Lady Luck herself. She is the wild symbol of the game. The wild symbol is the one that may substitute for any symbol except for the scatter, and when she is present in the combination, the award doubles.

In Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe slot machine, the scatter is represented by the Crystal ball (looking like a magic purple orb). When three or more scatters appear on the screen, the next 15 spins are free, meaning that the player doesn’t have to pay to place his bet.

Also, the awards during Free Games are multiplied by 3, and the player can win more Free Games. The bet and the amount of the lines both depend on that of the initial spin that triggered the Free Games event.

The paytable is truly impressive. Given that the minimal bet equals 10 credits for 10 paylines, the lowest ranking combination, which is two 9’s in a row, wins you 2 credits. Doesn’t sound too enticing, but the combinations you would usually get are much, much better.  By the way, the symbols present in the game go as follows rankwise: 9, (10, J, Q), (K, A), the horseshoe, the penny and the four-leafed clover, the ladybug with the rabbit’s foot and the Lady Luck. Symbols in brackets count for the same.

What makes the game special is the gambling system at the end of each winning spin. If you win something, you may try your luck and double your payout in a simple minigame of guessing the card color. Red or black?

If you guess correctly, you win twice as much credits as you already have. The chance, of course, always equals 50%. So if you get a nice sum of credits and feel lucky today, you can make even more.

But let’s go back to the paytable. The grand prize here, or the jackpot, is 900 times bigger than the bet. For instance, if you place a minimal bet of 10 and somehow manage to get 5 Ladies in a row, you win 9000 credits. And if you decide to play big, place a bet of 1000 credits and suddenly hit a jackpot, you will get a stunning amount of 900 000 credits, which we think would be enough for you to end your gambling career. Other winning combinations grant you a multiplication by 25, 50, 75, 250 and other, smaller numbers.

To sum up, the game is perfect for those of you who like winning small but often. Statistically, every fourth spin here is a winning combination, so if you try playing in the Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe slot machine and the wins will be quite frequent.