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Magic Princess slot machine, in which we can meet fairy tales and magic.

Every user who has entered the world of the Magic Princess will be able to find fascinating and specifically interesting characters from the fantasy world.

Slot machine Magic Princess has got his style with a dynamic and interesting game. Each element and picture is clearly drawn and they present harmoniously on the drum. The secret symbols of the images give the special charm and style of what is happening. Magical characters live on the vertical bands of the drum: a black cat, a magical astral ball, a bright peak of the crown, a magic wand that transforms and makes changes in reality, as well as a deck of playing cards. Anyone who at least once will play in this amazing and mysterious story, will remember it long time. The player can find here magical treasures and take them with him.

During the game and rotations, the dropping characters can move. So the fairy princess can wink at the user, and the magic wand flies and draws magic spells in the air. At first glance, this animation is not particularly impressive, but by playing a little and getting deeper, users can truly experience the full potential of the magical virtual world and dive into the gambling game.

Special qualities and tips for playing the slot machine Magic Princess

You will not be able to forget these fascinating moments of adventure for a long time once you meet a slot machine, in the center of which lies the story of the adventures of a magical princess. The game has got the nine representing lines. Depending on his preferences and the size of the capital, the user can choose the number of game lines. The principle of rotation of the drum has a vertical classical character. The construction of winning combinations goes from left to right. In this way, each player has equal chances at the beginning of the game. There is an advantage the more lines you use, the greater your chances of success you can get.

Find out more about the virtual device. First time is worth to try your luck and play for virtual money. Thanks to this, you can save money and find your strategy for the game. In the beginning, all you have to do is make the first deposit, choose the number of lines and the amount of the bet for the game. Using the Coin key, you can specify the amount of credits at each particular stage of the game. So the step of the credit can vary from 0.5 to 2.

Settings, principle and control in the slot machine Magic Princess

Going to the game settings, it should be noted that there is pictograph in the upper right corner of the screen. You can use it and expand the appearance of the slot on the whole screen. Next to it there is the icon. Use it for turning on and off the sound. These options will allow to set up common parameters for improving the game in the slot machine Magic Princess.

The game drum has 5 smaller parts. Scrolling and automatic stop of which occurs in automatic mode, when all the drums by inertia stop at their places. To find the odds and possible payouts during a successful result in the game – the info button.

To find the odds and possible payouts during a successful result in the game – the button  Info. Here are presented all the options for winnings, as well as bonus scrolls, in the amount of 15 times, in the case of the formation of the given combinations consisting of 3 simultaneously caught magic balls. In this case, the full amount of the possible profit is added up and multiplied by 3.

the button Double will help you to participate in the bonus risk game. Catch the fortune after each successful win and the assembled puzzle from several pictures. Here, by random selection, the player indicates the color of the card. He chooses black or red from the presented two reds and two black suits. In case of luck – you get a doubling of your winnings, in case of failure – you lose the winning rate. All is fair.

In conclusion about the slot machine Magic Princess

It is worth to carefully remember all the combinations and play in bonus games often. Your ability to catch free scrolls or to break the jackpot will increase several times. You will increase your savings. Go quickly to an exciting country of adventure, along with a history of mysterious characters of the Magic Princess!