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Night Out slot machine gives you the opportunity to go into the game and quickly learn a competent game with small bets.

Night Out is online gaming machine, and it would be more correct to call it a house party. The company PlayTech gives to the player who accidentally tucked a leg or caught a cold, to appear on an unusual night party.

The man suddenly finds himself at a fun, long-lasting party, with a variety of light and exotic alcoholic beverages, with cute, dancing and having fun girls, and he can find here also an unprecedented opportunity to earn some money on the screen of his own monitor.

This slot Night Out will give to the one who decided to entertain himself – flirt and dance with the girls, and participate in the party raffles – you can do this without leaving a comfortable home chair, an excellent opportunity to produce everything that the party has, just twisting the drum once.

It’s easy to play this game of slot machine Night Out. If you want to play a gaming machine Night Out you have to learn the rules and features of the game. You need to press the appropriate key – Start.

You can rotate the traditional 5 drums, which, at each moment, have 3 pictures, symbols; each symbol has a different value. The symbols have kinks and zigzags of 20 active game lines, the number of which the player can choose himself. You can start with number 1 and use the button – Select Lines.

The bet on each line is made by pressing the arrows that frame the corresponding button – BET. Multicolored alcoholic beverages, poured into glasses, will provide the smallest, but no less welcome and significant benefit, starting with 3 own fallouts. In the game, a cocktail served in a special glass – pineapple cocktail, can provide a win with 2 of its fallouts, and exotics of cocktails attracts girls. With 2 appearances on any active line, charming girls – blond, red-haired and brunette – also begin to bring winnings, however, each girl – her own winnings.

When you play in the slot machine Night Out, you can also grab bonus fallouts – gifts – different special symbols – dancing girl in the spotlight. If you have these different special symbols on the playing field, starting from 3 appearances, they will give you the opportunity to free spin drums (up to 20 rotations).

This symbol will also increase the prize amount – by multiplying the total bet on the line, adding to the winnings on the line. Wild symbol-picture – beer glass – will allow to form and even to create more winnings combinations, replacing any other picture-symbol, except the special symbol.

A glass with beer in a slot machine Night Out can’t replace a cheerful bonus symbol – a smiling waiter who drops out on drums 1 and 5 will provide a prize game of as many as 20 drum rotations – such a lottery where you will have to choose a partner for dancing, which should be entertained with a cocktail, hoping on a huge jackpot. All numerical values for the payoff of a successful move in the game are presented in the corresponding form – the Winnings Table, where besides the numerical values of the multiplicities, you can find the distributions of all 20 active lines, in all the variety of their configurations and kinks.

For a free game on the slot machine Night Out (if you want to refresh yourself with tea or a more romantic drink, without interrupting the gambling game stream) there is an the Autogame.

The Autogame begins by clicking on the button of the same name. It will be conducted, guided by the last bet, within the available resources. The player can see resources in the corresponding box – ACCOUNT. The Autogame continues until the moment of refusal from it.

Risk game is launched by the corresponding button – RISK. This button allows you to double the prize amount by selecting one of the 4 closed cards. This card will also beat the card that the dealer opens. The player continues this game until the loss (then the whole win is reset) or until the player abandons it.

A special game in the machine Night Out is gambling and emotional. The game encourages intuition, it is also envisaged for the situation when (after figuring out in the game process) a lover of nightly entertainments will come with the idea to play for real money with probable real winnings.

The game (separated from the main game stream) is launched with the corresponding key – Dollar Point. The game gives an opportunity for a gambler to make a choice of 5 numbers from 49 numbers that will be launched at the start of the main game. The win will be provided by the successful drop-off of the selected numbers, if you are lucky.

Very emotional Party from home has already waiting you, with all the attributes of a club event and a high probability of a considerable win.