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Odysseus 2 slot is a gambling machine at the theme of legendary ancient Greek hero.

Odysseus is a man, who has thought up the idea of the horse, allowing to dump resistance of Troy. Odysseus 2 slot machine will give everyone the chance to refresh the memory of the civilization, which has become a source of all subsequent, modern cultures.

Money can be earned with wars and captures. Ancient greeks were hazardous players. Odysseus was at war with Troy, because wars in Ancient Greek could make considerable profit for their organizers.
If United Kingdom gambler has intended to find out reliability of myths about riches of Greeks, than Odysseus 2 slot online will present the excellent historical story with five traditional reels, with three dropping-out cards on everyone.

It is possible to enjoy the spirit of this game with classical rules free of charge and without any registration. You can choose any number of active lines (from 1to 30) by pressing the button Lines, providing it with a desirable rate, pressing the key Bet.

All bets, including the MAX BET, are made in accordance with the sum of money. You can find any information in the corresponding window, called CREDIT.
The high-quality pictures in Odysseys 2 slot can increase the bets.

There is a wreath, that increase your bet from 5 times, an amphora and an ancient coin — from 15, a hard helmet — from 20. The increased prize sum is displayed in a window of WIN. The picture of a board and a well-known Troy horse and the portrait of Odysseys will bring the maximum prize to the player, who press the key SPIN to start a game. It is possible to have a look at all symbol coefficients by pressing the key Pay Table.

Ancient Greeks honored their gods and destiny. Pallada was the most esteemed of them. Her symbol at a successful game combination brings to the player free spin: from 10 to 100. It is probably the most pleasant and profitable game bonus that can create combinations with the symbol of Pallada, increasing the number of free spins and jackpot probability. The destiny sign is Odysseys symbol, it can replaced any picture and increase the cost of a prize or create an advantageous game combination. The process of playing Odysseys 2 slot machine is followed by slightly stylized music, changing its speed while the game last.

Odysseys 2 slot will give the game of risk to the each UK player. Lucky man can double the dropped-out prize, having guessed color of the closed card, but even to quadruple this prize if to risk and guess concrete color of that card.

The offer of rounds risk game proceeds until loss.

Quick registration procedure is simple and do not occupy much personal at all. It will open to a player, having interest in history, the way to studying of the Greek mythology in Odysseys 2 slot.