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Pirate slot machine tells about bloodthirsty filibusters, dangerous sea adventures, hidden treasures and beautiful ladies.

By clicking on the start button you become an active participant in the virtual attack. Together with the legendary pirate go boarding and become the owner of untold riches.

Dangers are waiting at every step, but your courage and passion will certainly lead to victory.

Pirate slot machine contain five drums and nine lines, icons with favorite objects of pirates rotate:

  • knives;
  • daggers;
  • pistols;
  • chests full of gold;
  • barrels of rum;
  • telescopes;
  • iron hooks.

Here is a portrait of a sea-wolf, Captain Hook. The more often the captain of a pirate schooner appears on the screen, then more gold coins get into the player’s pocket.

You need to collect all parts of the old geographic map and swim to a mysterious island, after that you find the treasure chest. Not every chest is packed with treasures to the top, but a large bomb and the cannon help to get gold treasures.

Hints and gameplay in the Pirate slot machine

Start the game with a choice of 1 to 9 winning lines. The bet size is set by pressing the BET button. The maximum bet is obtained from clicking on BET MAX. This bet is liked by respectable players who like to receive the biggest prizes.

To choose their tactics of the game, newcomers of the casino are advised to train in the demo mode.

Five ancient cards or 5 portraits of pirates will give the player the biggest rewards: 2000 and 5000 credits. All information about the prize combinations is collected under the button Paytable.

Playing at risk

After win spin, the player gets the opportunity to double it. To do this, you need to play dice with the old pirate. To start the game, you must choose a risk game by pressing the BET button. Read the hints in the running line to win at the sea wolf. You will have to guess whether an even number or an odd number will fall out. In case of victory, your winnings are doubled.

Bonus round

The bonus round is activated after three chests line up on the same line. The player must open one of the five chests. In each of them lie treasures, but in one – human bones. The human skeleton will finish the bonus round. If he does not meet you, you will go to a super game, where you will wait for 5 barrels. Only one barrel is empty, others contains the hidden diamonds.

Auto play

Clicking on Auto Start launches a continuous automatic mode. At this time, you can just relax, admiring the sea adventures of the old pirate.

Pirate slot machine being a very dynamic virtual game, will help to fill your holds with riches and will present the sea of fascinating adventures filled with gambling.