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Queen Of Hearts slot machine – the most romantic and profitable gambling game for women.

Perhaps the presence on the market of the most unusual romantic slot machine Queen of Hearts – has become a full response to the wishes of the female, by far the most gambling part of the whole gambling society. Perhaps the beautiful half of humanity just got tired of seeing in the game pirate faces or unpleasant faces of creatures from different sides of the cosmos, explosions everywhere or powerful and frightening shots in game slots that are designed to provoke interest in men.

The slot machine Queen of Hearts is specially invented and decorated in order to entertain a beautiful and passionate lady with a game of chance, presented as a love story from the Middle Ages or Antiquity. The manufacturer of the online slot machine Queen of Hearts provided for an accessible and very romantic gaming space, with an understandable course of the game.

The developer created a unique creative design that should appeal to a female player. The characteristics and principles of the game Queen of Hearts slot machine are traditional, but they have some gaming advantages – quite usual 5 drums and three symbol-pictures make it possible, in the introductory process or when playing for money, to choose the number of active lines – 1, 3, 5 , 7, 9, change the content (cost) of the loan (coin), play on the machine and decide on a risk-game.

In the presented set of pictures – the elements of the game drums – there are numerical and alphabetic symbols, as well as interesting pictures that indicate, in the game combination, a kind of love-romantic story and having different cost, with the appropriate prize (winning) combinations, and the multiplicity of the actual win.

An constant bonus symbol of scatter – a beautiful female face (Portrait of the Queen) – will give an opportunity to produce free spin of the drum. The number of rotations of the drum in the game is determined by the number of dropped scatter, and he himself can make combinations.

Also, the Portrait of the Queen himself can make combinations. The dark red (blood-red) heart is also a wild bonus, the symbol – makes it possible to strengthen the winning combinations, replacing other pictures-fallouts (except for the Queen’s symbols), which leads to an increase  the multiplicity of final win of the bets that the player made.

The process of online game Queen of Hearts slot machine can be manual (each new game is a button Start) and automatic (the button is Automatic start) – the game goes by itself, marking the winning and losing moves, oriented to the player’s latest bet, a second press this button will cancel the automatic mode.

In the slot machine Queen of Hearts (free and real process of game) you will also find the following interesting moments that you can use during the game:

  1. Cupid symbol (Cupid) replaces other symbols or images with a sign that designates a blood-red heart – a wild symbol that allows you to make prize combinations;
  2. Risk game (red button – consent, black button – renunciation) – this is the case when the choice of suit can immediately double the existing winnings or completely nullify it – is provided after each drop-down prize combination, and in automatic mode this case is unavailable;

All information about these situations in the game is available in the information online casino support. The game Queen of Hearts is equipped with sufficient information support (info or PayTable), which allows you to not lose the thread of the game in the gambling process.

A lady who wishes to have fun can orient herself on a simple demonstration approach to video shows of the main or most interesting and revealing moments of the Queen of Hearts slot. She will also be able to use an accessible presentation of basic game information in the process of getting to know the online slot.

It’s easy to get involved in a romantic and beautiful game. After learning how to play in the slot machine the Queen of Hearts, having herself previously trained, a female player can show his excitement by choosing the maximum rates, or by agreeing to the proposed risk-game, with guessing the suit of two cards represented by the machine.