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The slot machine Royal Treasures is created for those players who will take the sword of King Arthur and can get countless treasures. The sword will wait only for the strongest player.

If you want to own the treasures belonging to the royal treasury, then we begin the cash game! The drums are a combination of all the necessary royal attributes swords, powers, rings. They all together will make a combination of payouts. Each symbol in the game is equipped with a multiplier, which depends on the number of pictures. After the drum rolls up, the main task of the player is skillfully collect the dripping payouts.

Before the profitable game you need to configure the slot machine Royal Treasures. You have to make presentation of number of lines. Do not forget about the bet of course. There are two main modes of rotation of the reels: automatic and manual. Each player chooses the best option for himself.  It is possible to play the risk in manual mode. You can take a risk after each victory.  The player only needs to guess the color of the card. This will be double the win.

Combinations should be added only from images, which are starting with the left drum. They have to be the same. Interruption of chains is not provided.

In the slot machine Royal Treasures there are symbols to which these rules do not apply. It is a wild symbol and a scatter sign. The Wild symbol is also a wildcard. So it can replace other pictures. He will make the win when it makes a line in a chain. It will bring the player a solid amount of profit.

The scatter is needed to receive payments regardless of the number of selected lines. It can bring a powerful win in return.

The lucky winner is rewarded with a nice amazing bonus in the form of free spins if the scatter symbol falls. These free spins are given for three pictures.

Who wants to try on the title of king and imagine his person as heir to the throne? The company Gaminator decided to please the players with regal grandeur. Try on yourself royal attributes and replenish the treasury with generous payments.

Taste the excitement, play for real money on the slot machine Royal Treasures. After all you can prepare yourself at first without spending the resources. You can feel yourself strategically confident. Don’t forget to gain experience before you take over the royal power. Then go confidently to the deposit. It requires a careful, serious and responsible approach.

Gambling is the business of real kings. The player is invited to take a chance after each successful combination. The player can take part in another game that is capable of doubling the winnings.

The lucky winner has to choose the number of coins that is presented in one credit at this slot. It can be from 0.5 to 2. Each player has the right to bet on an odd number of lines from 1 to 9. You can put the selected amount of credits for each line.

You can use the automatic start button. Here you have to get several rotations at once without changing the game parameters. This Start button will help also if you do not take part in the risk games. If you want to choose one rotation, then a simple start button is suitable.

You have to read the rules completely for information on the cost of combinations in the Royal Treasures slot.

Slot Royal Treasures has a real beautiful graphics, wonderful sound, generous financial payments. Try it yourself!