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Sevens Wild slot machine is a unique version of video poker with four jokers that reliably holds top positions.

This Video poker combines new features and the classic design. On the game screen is situated a table with payable combinations. It helps in the during the battle. That slot looks like a computer game more than a classic video poker.

As in most similar emulators, on the playing field of the video poker Wild Seven is represented one hand, consisting of five cards.

Playing the Sevens Wild slot machine is simple enough, because it uses the standard rules for poker combinations. In addition, the simulator itself regularly makes tips to the gamblers. Despite this, players should pay attention to the following features of video poker:

  • after the first rotation, players can discard any number of cards;
  • the minimum payable combination is three cards of identical value, and the maximum – royal flash;
  • the highest payout ratio is available in combinations that include sevens.

The “HOLD” button will lock the card and leave it in the game for exactly one round. This mechanism and the principle of the game is quite simple and time-tested.

The key moment in playing on this slot are the symbols of the prize sevens. They must be caught first of all, collecting combinations.

The older the face value of cards, the variation of combinations, the more paid is the win. Additional features of the game are the formation of combinations with the seven.

The demo mode in the Sevens Wild slot machine

To study the sequence of formation of combinations and learn the general nature of the game, for starters it is worth trying a free game.

You can qualitatively improve your game, develop methods and strategies for each distribution, and at the same time develop a discipline and tighten mathematical knowledge.

An important advantage with a free game will be the fact that you can significantly save your investment. Regular training in the demo mode with the Sevens Wild slot machine improve your game.

In the Sevens Wild slot there are no additional bonus games and a progressive jackpot.

The risky round

Let’s choose the card. If the card that you click on is higher than the rank of the dealer’s card, you will double the prize. The user needs to soberly calculate their strength, thereby applying the laws of mathematics, statistics and combine all this with logic.

Sevens Wild slot machine is a unique and interesting video poker that will definitely attract your attention.