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Sizzling Hot slot machine makes possible to feel the atmosphere of old-games.

Essentially, it is a classic fruit slot, full of colors and energy, with one interesting peculiarity — the fixed number of pay lines. Regardless of settings, there will always be 5 active pay lines.

Before the game itself starts, it is necessary to choose, how much coins each credit contains (it may be 0.5, 1 or 2). Depending on this value, the amount of money in a credit may be multiplied or divided by two.

As you may guess, the spin starts by clicking on the “Start” button. The very same button is responsible for taking the winning and skipping a bonus game. “Bet one” and “Bet max” buttons are meant for gambling — the first changes the size of a bet (minimal size is 5, i.e. 1 coin per pay line and maximum is 500, i.e. 100 coins per pay line). To make a maximum bet at once, you may simply click on “Bet max” and the system will automatically bet either 500 coins or maximum available amount.

To learn everything you need to know about winnings and multipliers, you should click on the “Info” button. The help section consists of two pages, turned by the same button.

Symbols and multipliers

Being the typical fruit slot, Sizzling Hot features a small number of symbols (8, to be exact), so the winnings here happen quite often. Another peculiarity is the absence of the traditional Wild symbol, while the Scatter is here.

Traditionally, the Jackpot symbol is 7. If three of these Jackpot symbols appear on one active pay line, the initial bet is multiplied by 100. Four of them will multiply the bet by 1000, and at last, the full line of 7s will result in the jackpot, which is the x5000 multiplier.

The less profitable, but still very attractive symbols are watermelon and grapes. They both multiply the initial bet by 50 when 3 of them appear. Four mean the x200 multiplier, and the whole line of these fruits grants 500 credits per one of the initial bet.

There are some more fruit symbols, granting the identical multipliers. They are oranges, plums, and lemons. During the game, they appear really often, but form the winning combinations only starting from three symbols on one line. These fruits, forming the combinations starting from 3 of them on one line, multiply the bet by 20 (for three) and 50 (for four). The extremely lucky gamblers will get their bet multiplied by 200 for a full line of these pictures.

Another frequent symbol is the picture of cherries. The multipliers in this case are the same with the only difference — two pictures of cherries mean modest x5 multiplier.

Apart from all the above-mentioned juicy symbols, the Sizzling Hot slot has the scatter. In this case, the scatter looks like a star on the red background. Three stars, appearing anywhere on the playing field, mean x10 multiplier. Four of them multiply the bet by 50 and five — by 250.

Risk game

This gambling machine offers to play a risk game and get a chance to win really huge prizes, multiplying the initial amount by up to 5 times. Risk game rules are quite typical. The aim is to guess the card’s suit. If the players guess whether it is red or black right, the winning is multiplied by two.

To conclude, Novomatic has once again created an interesting, dynamic fruit slot in its classic form. Sizzling Hot slot machine will surely suit the taste of retro fans and those, who prefer something unusual and original at the same time.