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SkyWay slot machine is unbelievable gambling machine, you will fly in the sky and will get trash and super cash.

Now a time when any flight is a feat! The girls was going crazy, dreaming and flying with you!

More correct to call this slot – Road to the Sky, It consists of five traditional spinning reels, with three symbols or cards on each one falling out in the flight-games flow. Drop-down symbols can be numeric and alphabetic, denoting the lowest cost in the drop-down combination.

Romantic pictures, portraits of a manly pilot and cheerful scientist, apparently invented the zeppelin, which represents a slot machine SkyWay is available here. Nowadays museum rarities: star compass and celestial globe is rare artifacts, which may appear along with other symbols, being stronger winning elements.

The characteristics and principles of the SkyWay gaming machine are slightly different from other online slots. It has 21 active play lines, the number of which is set by the player himself, pressing the corresponding arrow keys in a frame called – Line.

The key bets – Bet. It’s with arrows, that reducing or increasing cost value. The most reckless excitable pilots-players from United Kingdom in each spin cycle feels the greatest rush of emotions.

The flight on the Zeppelin starts by bright red handle lever – START. Slot machine SkyWay provides the possibility of preparing for a serious flight: free of charge game without registration, which includes all the features and details gameplay for real money and allowing to see the methods of calculating the winning.

Stylized airship starts free spins. A beautiful women is wild symbol-picture. She is a pilot in historical outfit, that stands on the captain’s bridge of her subordinate Zeppelin. A lady always heralds the strengthening, and sometimes the creation of a winning combination and increases the winning score in a specific rotation of the reels SkyWay gambling machine.

The incentive gambling offer of the online slot is a risk-game, which certainly appears after each perceptibly winning exceeding a bet, combinations of symbols-pictures.

This is the traditional card, which is required to guess the suit by pressing the appropriate key.

If the lucky man from UK want to relax from the kaleidoscope of symbols and pictures, prize lines and the number of the winning, he can choose auto play (key – AUTO), which is oriented to the last bet and will itself launch the backs, choosing the optimal combination.

Quick registration is a traditional procedure that will take quite a bit of a player’s personal time. Let’s rock and get cash with SkyWay gambling machine!