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Slotopol slot machine – it is the world of drive and unbelievable luck, which you can control only in this game.

Everyone who is familiar with the gambling industry surely knows about Slotopol gambling machine. Earlier that popular model was widely spread in casinos, nightclubs, pubs, karaoke and other such places. Every willing could easily get access to so called “E” original machine, which was called like that because of symbols giving jackpot. Everyone had the opportunity to fight with machine trying to catch their luck by its tail.

Now it is time to refresh your memories, which were lost with inexorable march of time.

The Slotopol slot machine is a virtual game based on a series of popular slots from the Mega Jack company with a vertical spinning of the reel. The game is still popular among experienced users as well as among new ones, because it has everything that attracts people:

  • Captivating and interesting plot;
  • Bright and colorful cards;
  • High payment multipliers;
  • Many lines and doubled bets;
  • Many bonus games;
  • Simplicity and convenience in usage.

Due to this list, many professional players prefer to use exactly this slot for many years.

The theme of Slotopol slot machine covers beach holiday, fruits and summer mood. Such stylistics gives user the opportunity to immerse into the world of excitement and sunny days.

After having made a deposit, the playing menu opens in front of the user. The first step – quantity of playing lines, the maximum is 21. The combinations are built standardly from left to right, to start the game click the button “Start”.

The button “Bet” lets the player choose the size of bet. Available credits are shown in the right part of the screen – it is your bankroll. You should carefully notice how many credits you have before making a bet. The more you bet, the more credits will be taken from your account. At the same time, the possibility of winning becomes much bigger.

The most important recommendation is to play with all 21 lines – in this case, your chances to get a winning combination increase fully.

During the spinning, the player can stop one of the vertical lines with buttons “HOLD” 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Thus, every user is able to influence directly the playing process.

When a winning combination has dropped out, the system offers the user to play a bonus game. In this mode, the player will be offered to open one left card, which he will have to beat with the card of higher rank. To do this, you can use the same “HOLD” button and numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. If you turn to be lucky enough, your prize is doubled, but if not – you lose this bet. It is worth risking only when the sum of winning combination is not very big and there are all chances to win the bonus.

The most dangerous thing in such bonus rounds is thrilling and excitement. Be careful and do not try to beat the cards all the time.

It should be noticed that the quantity of game’s variations and pictures on the playing field might make new players a little confused, so they need some practice before actual playing. To do that, go to the menu and choose the option “virtual money” (nominal points). This will help you to learn how to use the slot and to avoid unnecessary actions in the future.

All information about combinations, multipliers and payments is shown when you click the button “Help”. By clicking it, the user opens the informative menu with all tables and data about combinations and possible scenarios of winning.

It is not so difficult to learn all about Slotopol slot machine. Most importantly, you should choose the right strategy in order to not only get the pleasure, but also some money, which you can spend on real travelling.