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Space Corsairs slot machine game gives you the last place at Cosmic Pirates band and delivers quick and good money.

This new slot attracts by its exciting plot and space adventurers that opens you new horizons and possibilities. Playson’s creative design engineers developed and implemented their breathtaking slot game for the best gamblers. They has brought phenomenal shades and feelings into a gaming process of a virtual casino online, supporting a great graphics by dizzying prizes.

Space Corsairs gambling slot has a wide row of extraordinary functions. It also attracts by its outstanding graphic imagines and bright cosmic colours thrill your personal imagination. Thousands of UK gamers have already commented their impressions and stressed they were happy to use this slot machine to overpowered Space Corsairs.

So, the product engineers were lucky to create a great surprise to all Cosmic Pirates fans at online casino. Struggling against or together with Space Corsairs, every participant feels comfort and pleasure thanks to clear interface and management.

To obtain elementary skills of Space Corsairs slot, it’s worthy to try a free emulator. Demo mode of Space Corsairs gambling slot propose a conditional credit, which helps to inexperienced participant to introduce with the main game rules. Such version of casino game permits novices to avoid their financial losses and the same time to study main functions and principles of online slot game.

You’ll enormously increase your adrenalin level even with demo mode! And you are guaranteed of a risk and excitement!

But not only newcomers are interested in these fascinating adventurers of Space Corsairs slot, experienced gamers increasingly frequent enter the ranks of the Space Brotherhood. No doubts, the plot dealing with space conquest will excite all admirers of cosmic flies, space investigations and pirates’ treasurers who prefers online casino games.

Game graphics, images and pictures immediately string all gamers along details of interplanetary space and corsairs’ civilization. Many times ago, sea pirates had used only common ships to rob others, but now days they have came out into outer space. But their habits and traditions have not changed, so they act in cosmos like simple thieves. In Space Corsairs slot, like centuries ago, online pirates look for golden treasures into the holds of foreign ships.

Space Corsairs Gambling Slot Rules

Casino online Space Corsairs slot plays with 5 reels, while each of them has 3 symbols and 5 active lines. Before to start, it’s worthy to adjust an emulator. At first, it’s better to join your bids by clicking on the arrow button.

In case you see in front of yourself a letter “A”, it means the automatic mode is turn on, it will rotate a reel endlessly, saving interplanetary treasures at your account. It’s reasonable to use an automatic mode when a bid is a constant, in case you’re a genius of dizzying space. It’s permitted to make bids from 1 to 10 coins for a one paylines. The same moment from 1 till 15 paylines can be used. The highest winning combination can be paid on only the one payline.

You should read the winning combinations from left to right. In Space Corsairs slot the winning combinations of active game lines only are payable.

Winning Symbols In Space Corsairs Slot UK

For a gamer the reels rotating is unpredictable thanks to reel symbols. Online Space Corsairs offers a wide variety of bonuses. Bonus games are staring in automatic mode.

A special symbol is “wild”. It permits to change a picture for any other, besides of bonus and dispersion. The sum of prize increases in 2 times there, where the symbol “wild” has been changed.

The dispersion is planet Scatter. It has to appear at a monitor 3 – 5 times at any place and to organize a chain. In case the Scatter has been dropped 3 times, gamer receives 15 games absolutely free. If the Scatter symbol is dropped 4 times, 20 games will be obtained for free. To receive 25 games free of charge the symbol of Scatter has to be dropped 5 times. Free games can increase a bank heavily because winning combinations during free games multiply scores in three times.

The one eye Corsair is the most payable symbol. If it drops 5 times, the bid increases in 1000 times. The Bonus symbol appearing 3 – 5 times, will present a bonus turn to a gamer.

The online game Space Corsairs amazing feature is the function of the Black Hole. It’s activated very simply, when wild symbol drops in the middle of the 2nd reel. In this moment, 8 symbols placing near middle symbol of 2nd reel are shifted. The new winning combinations formation will be paid. After it symbols will shift again and it will continue till symbols turn a complete circle.

Risk Game In The Slot Machine Space Corsairs

This online casino game leads an experienced gamer on a lot risks. But your prize is a solid profit, so you risk is reasonable. Risk game is a shooting between two ships. Gamer should bid at a proper ship to win in a sea battle. In case of a victory scores increase in 2 times.