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Tens or Better slot machine is a one of the versions of video poker was developed and released by the world-famous manufacturer of software for gambling entertainment – the company Microgaming.

By its rules, poker is a very interesting and understandable game. It gives players the opportunity not only to have a good rest from everyday worries, but also to test their luck, trying to win big cash prizes.

Many fans of conventional poker migrated to the Internet and switched their attention to video poker, which is much more convenient and comfortable for modern players. Today it is almost impossible to imagine any good online casinos without this kind of entertainment.

The design of video poker Tens or Better slot machine is not particularly bright, but it also has its advantages – the player does not get distracted during the game, and his eyes are not irritated by the abundance of color emotional decisions. The same applies to the sound accompaniment, which forms the atmosphere of the game.

This slot provides only one window, in which all control elements are correctly placed. Half the window is occupied by a table with the indication of possible winning combinations and the values of payments for them.

Under the table, the developers placed the main game part – five upside-down cards of cards. When you click on the appropriate button, the cards are turned over, forming various combinations. There is a kind of classic poker, so beginners can easily understand the gaming process, the rules and feel the real excitement.

Video poker Tens or Better provides nine ways with some variations, bringing a real cash reward. The most highly paid combination is considered a “Flash Royal”, after the formation of which it is possible to raise bets courageously in view of the fact that it is simply impossible to lose. This combination will help the user to increase the bet to 500 times.

Combinations of “Square” and “Straight Flush” also bring a good income in the form of 25 and 50 payouts, respectively. Four of a Kind – four cards.

Straight Flush – this is 5 cards of the same suit, arranged in series. Six times multiply the bet of the combination “Full House”.

“Flush” is valued at 5 coins and this combination of five cards of the same suit is formed regardless of the rank.

Combinations “Street”, “Two Pairs” are paid in smaller amounts – from 2 to 4 coins. Complete the set of possible winning combinations Tens or Better slot, formed from a pair of identical cards, starting with a dozen.

Payments in this machine are calculated in accordance with the table of winning combinations by multiplying the initial bet by the coefficient of a particular combination.

The game involves a standard deck of 52 cards, which must be mixed before each distribution. The cards are carefully shuffled after each round. To the player before opening of cards it is necessary to determine the value of the coin by means of special keys. In addition, you need to resolve the issue by the number of coins, which will be of primary importance in determining the amount of the bet and payment. The cards are dealt by clicking on the “Deal” button. After fixing the cards, you can replace the remaining ones with the “Draw” button.

Risk round

Fixing cards is carried out directly by clicking on them. After each successfully collected combination the player has the opportunity to double the winnings. For this in an additional round, you must specify from 4 cards one that will be “older” already open. A successful attempt will increase the winnings.

Tens or Better slot machine allows players to enjoy their favorite online card game and to fight for big cash prizes.