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The Money Game slot machine will allow you to swim in the sea of bucks and maybe your secret dream will come true.

Relax after a hard day’s work, take time for yourself, spend the weekend the way you like! As you know, money does not like fuss. For this reason, large corporations dealing with green American money are very conservative and too stiff. The slot machine The Money Game is no exception, it is completely devoted to monetary topics, it has a beautiful and even soothing appearance. This does not mean that the slot is boring and monotonous. Victory is the result of luck, and the slot machine loves people who are lucky.

If you seriously consider yourself lucky, then there is no reason to refuse such an exciting and amazing game. And perhaps, it is with this calm device that your greatest adventures and global changes in life will begin. Who knows?

It’s unlikely that the player will be upset by a large number of generous rewards, despite only 9 pay lines. If five of them get five images with a portrait of a solid Financier, then you will get 9 000 credits. On the screen you will meet with such characters as Money Bag, a bundle of banknotes, coins, dollars, a bag, filled with money, and card marks.

A successful Financier – this is a crazy symbol that can easily cover you with gold from head to toe and replace yourself with any other sign. Each turn can double your payout.

Free spin in the game

All players like gifts, especially free. A series of 15 rotations of drums – this is exactly what you need. To do this, you need to collect a few symbols on the screen. If you get a win, and then get a free spin, then it will triple.

The bonus game in the slot The Money Game

Risk is for the strong people, a noble cause, so if the rotation is successful, then with the help of the machine you can strengthen it. To do this, click the appropriate “risk” button. The player can guess the color of the subsequent card, but remember that an unsuccessful attempt is accompanied by a loss of absolutely all the winnings.

How about making money without getting up from your favorite couch?

Is it convenient and tempting? Demonstrate smartness, and luck will find you.
If you want to swim in coins, then the Money Game slot is the real thing for you. Among people, this machine is called “bucks”, because it is associated with the traditional symbol of the dollar throughout the world. The gameplay itself is entirely built on money and for the sake of playing on them.

The basic rules. How to play in the slot The Money Game

A bag of money and a handbag have the same value in terms of the profit. The maximum coefficient, in case they drop out 5 pieces – is 750, and if a wild symbol stands next, then the coefficient doubles.

If you get a wallet with money or a gold coin, they will bring a similar profit – a coefficient of 250. All these signs outshine the dollar with a factor of 500. If it drops out in the amount from 3 to 5 pieces, it will allow the player to play a bonus. During this bonus the player has a chance to multiply the win by 3.

What is better than money?

There are many slot machines where the theme of wealth is the leading one. It is the design of this device that attracts the most gamblers. Slot The Money Game is characterized by an interesting and pleasant range of colors, which recalls the classic casino, as well as the image of currency bills and other thematic attributes. All this can not only make you happy, but also bring a small, but a fortune. All luck seekers like the pleasant sound and generosity of payments unconditionally. Who does not like relaxation and pleasant pastime?

Want to avoid fuss? Then an interesting, simple and understandable interface of slot machine is open for you! Here you can learn a successful and exciting game – for money and without them.

Free version of the slot machine The Money Game

If you are not sure yet that you can afford even small deposits, then you can try your luck on the free version of the game in the gambling machine The Money Game. Thanks to it, you can study the features of the slot machine, as well as carefully work out strategies and tactics to achieve the maximum return from the slot.

Free game is no less exciting than playing for money. Click on START, and the drum of fortune will do its uncomplicated business!

Bright, colorful and kind of crazy – it’s all a slot machine The Money Game bucks. Get a lot of positive and the best emotions, relax with pleasure, because you deserve it! Let your dreams come true!