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Wild Hunter slot machine offers you a peace pipe and thrill hunting for generous prizes full of adrenaline and excitement.

Nowadays online slots are getting more popularity with every single day. The gambling industry has to attract potential gamers not only with a possible solid jackpot, but also with bright interface and interactive gameplay. That is why games like Wild Hunter have come to the fore. They have won over a huge amount of real excitement’s connoisseurs, regardless of their experience and sophistication in such type of games.

The interface represents a classy slot containing 5 totem reels. The functional options of the game include special symbols, risk game, free spins and much more. All this taken with a unique atmosphere of Red Indian mythology capture even the most experienced player. There are three rows and 9 active lines on the playing field.

Wild Hunter slot machine takes the modern inhabitant out of concrete jungle to prairies, where he will be forced to fight for the money. A brave Indian and powerful ancient gods of red-skinned tribes always support the user. The main character is a courageous beefy Indian with a formidable tomahawk – will be loyally awaiting for you in the left corner of the screen. He needs his weapon to scare away misfortunes.

Due to carefully reproduced Indian life, professionally made decorations and sounds of tom-toms in Wild Hunter slot machine you become one of those, who live in this amazing world. Collect as many war trophies as possible so that even famous Chingachgook would envy you. Throughout the whole fierce battle you will be encouraged by your loyal friend, whose victory calling will inspire your new feats.

Even if you have never experienced the joy from big awards, start your journey with Wild Hunter slot machine. Carefully look through a paytable, estimate your chances and give to your hand the dexterity and luck of a very skillful Wild Hunter. Your skills will bring you gifts in a form of so desirable coins.

You should not be scared of lines and unfamiliar symbols – they have been created only for your benefit. Dropping out of symbols like buffalo or tomahawk opens a chain of numerous win-win rounds. Let yourself feel like you are the master of North American steppes. The thematic cards are represented by a line of pictures featuring wigwam, drum and soaring eagle.

Dropping out of several special symbols is a great luck. The special “Wild” sign builds the combinations according to standard rules of winning. Do you want to get the biggest multiplying factors? Then this symbol will help you. If at least one such picture appears on the first reel, the shouts of glee are guaranteed. The prize is definitely yours. In some cases, the Wild symbol replaces others while forming the combinations. The totem sign will surely lead you to victory, regardless of its location on the playing field. Herewith the size of prize will depend on the total bet for the spin.

Wild Hunter slot machine lets its users feel the real excitement and pleasure from the game. Modern 3D graphics, high payment factors and interesting gameplay will become a revival for an atmosphere of boring evening, and classical Red Indian theme will bring you back to your careless childhood. Have a good hunting!